Wednesday, October 5, 2016

No Lampshade: Forro in the Dark and "Lampião No Céu"

Today's upbeat random tune is provided by Forro in the Dark. A band from New York City made up of Brazilian expatriates, Forro in the Dark was formed in 2002 after a birthday celebration jam session at a New York nightclub. They were such a hit they became a weekly fixture and thus came to the attention of David Byrne (former lead singer of the Talking Heads), who collaborated with them on their first album. In their highly infectious music, they combine elements of the Brazilian dance music known as forró with rock, folk, jazz and country. You can find this song, Lampião No Céu, on their 2006 debut album Bonfires of São João. You also appear to get a bonus, as there seems to be a hidden track after the original song finishes.