Monday, October 3, 2016

As the Black Mill Turns: Ashley MacIsaac with Mary Jane Lamond and "Sleepy Maggie"

Juno Award winning and platinum-selling fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, accompanied by singer Mary Jane Lamond, brings us the random tune today called Sleepy Maggie. A Canadian artist from Cape Breton, Ashley MacIsaac is from a family of fiddlers - his sisters are all touring fiddlers and his cousin is Canadian fiddler Natalie MacMaster. In addition to his music, he is known as an openly gay musician, his struggle with addiction to crack cocaine in the late 1990s, and occasionally eccentric behavior. He has indicated a recent desire to enter Canadian politics. Sleepy Maggie is sung in Scots Gaelic by Mary Jane Lamond, a Canadian Celtic folk musician who presents traditional Celtic tunes in contemporary musical styles. Her vocals on this song first brought her to widespread public attention. You can find Sleepy Maggie on MacIsaac's 1995 album Hi™ How Are You Today? and on the 1998 compilation CD Putumayo Presents: Celtic Tides.