Monday, August 15, 2016

Polish Folky Punk: R.U.T.A. and "Jak to Dawni Dobrze Belo"

R.U.T.A., which seems to stand both for the Union of Reactionary Artistic Terrorists or Movement for Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy, is a band from Poland that combines punk with elements of Polish peasant folk songs and traditional instruments. The result is roughly a stripped down but just as in-your-face punk sound that your Polish great-great-grandfather might have heard had punk existed among disaffected youth in his day. R.U.T.A. is made up of modern Polish folk musicians and members of well-known Polish punk bands, and they take for their inspiration folk-songs from the era of Polish, Ukrainian and Belorussian serfdom and turn them into songs of oppression, action, revolt and rebellion. You can find this song, Jak to Dawni Dobrze Belo, on their debut CD Gore (2011).