Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Love and Betrayal: Carrie Rodriguez and "Perfidia"

Our random song today is a Mexican classic. The artist, Carrie Rodriguez, comes from an artistically accomplished family - her father David was a Texan singer-songwriter, her mother Katy Nail is a painter, and her grandmother was Texas essayist Frances Nail. Carrie Rodriguez is a multi-instrumentalist, playing fiddle, mandobird and tenor guitar as well as singing vocals. She took up violin at an early age, and eventually won a scholarship to Oberlin Conservatory but it was on tour in Europe with her dad, and sitting through a sound check with Lyle Lovett, that led her to quit the conservatory and go out on her own. She has recorded with too many roots musicians to list in this short blurb, and has been honored by the city of Austin with a special yearly day for her work in advancing Austin's place as the "Live Music Capital of the World." This song, Perfidia, is a Mexican standard of love and betrayal that has been covered by numerous Mexican and American musicians. You can find Perfidia on Rodriguez' newest album Lola, released in 2016.