Monday, November 23, 2015

When He Says Jump, You Say How High: Bupps Saggu with Manit Pappu and "Jump to the Bhangra"

Make sure you have your coffee and are fully awake before you start this jumping bhangra tune. Jump to the Bhangra is performed by Bups Saggu and features Manjit Pappu. A resident of the UK, Bupps Saggu is a self-styled heavy hitter in the Asian music industry in the UK. Starting out as a dancer, he eventually worked his way into the music industry to become a DJ and music producer. He also manages and produces the Bups Saggu Roadshow. I can't find much information on Majit Pappu, unfortunately, but he seems to do a lot of work. Jump to the Bhangra can be found as a 2014 single release from VIP Records.