Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All Aboard!: Moussu T E Lei Jovents and "Embarcatz!"

Our random tune for today is Embarcatz! (All Aboard!) by Moussu T e Lei Jovents, a band that splits its time between Marseilles, a French commune called La Ciotat, and Recife, Brazil. They are inspired by the music of Marseilles between 1920 and 1930 and the melting pot that the city was and remains. They range musically from the blues to reggae to Brazilian music to music hall, and they are very comfortable singing in Occitan, the regional language of the southern third of France. They have released eight albums. This is a really fun tune that you can turn up. The song is about traveling once bridges are burned and heading toward new adventure. As the refrain says:

In the world's great salad bowl
We'll add our pinch of salt
Here we are when the music starts
Let the ship sail away!
To the planet's great hymn
We want to bring our energy
Like a never ending groundswell
We will visit every port.

Embarcatz! can be found on their 2013 CD Artemis.