Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Listen to the KUNM Global Music show from Monday, 8/3/15 on the Two Week Archive!

Moving to Albuquerque 10 years ago, I never dreamed that somehow I'd end up on radio. Yet I have, and I'm having a blast exploring different music and playing it for an audience (even though it's so late the audience probably numbers in the tens). I would invite you to listen to our global show from last night if you missed it, hosted by me and with music contributions from Megan Kamerick. Just go to and put in August 3 at 10 pm to start the player. Here's the playlist of the show starting with artist, then song, then album.  I have added links to artist and video if I could find them:

Issa Bagayogo (Mali) / Kalan Nege / Putumayo African Beats

Cool James (Sweden/Tanzania) / Sina Makosa / Putmayo African Beats

Nozinja (South Africa) / Mitshetso We Zindaba / Nozinja Lodge

Ibrahim Maalouf (Lebanon/France), Oxmo Puccino (Mali) and Maitrise de Radio France / Jamais Quand il Faut / Au Pays d'Alice

Michael Franti & Spearhead (United States) feat. K'Naan (Somalia) / Earth from Outer Space / All People

Juan Formell & Los Van Van (Cuba) / Chapeando / Chapeando

Aurelio (Honduras) / Sañanaru / Lándini

Mary Youngblood (Native America) / Wind Whispers / Dance With the Wind

Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice (Native America) / For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash / Letter from the End of the Twentieth Century

Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad (Pakistan) / Kangna / The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia) / Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free) / Kelmti Horra

Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (Angola/US) / Rumba SoYo / La Rumba SoYo

Coralie Clément (France) / Samba de mon Cœur qui Bat / Putumayo Paris

Presque Oui (France) / L'ongle / Putumayo Paris

Stromae (Rwanda/Belgium) / Tous les Mêmes / Racine Carrée

Ludovico Einaudi (Italy) / Taranta / The Taranta Project

Marketa Irglova (Czech Republic) / Fortune Teller / Muna

Paola (Greece) / Krivo Alitia / Krivo Alitia

Elina Duni Quartet (Albania) / Sytë / Dallëndyshe

Giorgos Xylouris (Greece) & Jim White (Australia) / Psarandonis Syrto / Goats

Piers Faccini (UK) & Vincent Segal (France) / Mangé Pou le Coeur / Songs of Time Lost

Inflame (US) / Lori / Inflame

Janet Stone & DJ Drez (US) / Samba Sadashiva / Echoes of Devotion

Amrinder Gill (India) / Kurta Suha / Angrej

Novalima (Peru) / Madretierra / Planetario

Souad Massi (Algeria) / Ayna / El Mutakallimûn

Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco) / Zidokan (Just Go) / Unity

Helly Luv (Iraq-Kurdish) / Revolution / Revolution