Friday, August 7, 2015

Hooked On It Too: Laid Back and "Groovin' On a Feeling"

Today's random tune is brought to you by Laid Back, a Danish electronic duo formed in 1979 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. John Goldberg and Tim Stahl met as members of The Starbox Band, which opened for The Kinks at their Copenhagen concert but received poor reviews. The Starbox Band split up after that show but the duo continued to work together, exploring new possibilities in sound made possible by advancing technology. They has released four albums over two decades, and also gained the Danish equivalent of an Oscar for their soundtrack for a major Danish film. This song, Groovin' on a Feeling, is from their 2013 album Happy Dreamer, although it was also released in 2007 on Putumayo's compilation called World Party.