Thursday, April 2, 2015

In Your Belly: Baba Zula and "Kisaltmalar (Dub Mix)"

A little Turkish psychebelly dub music is up for your listening pleasure today. Kisaltmalar (Dub Mix) is by Baba Zula in collaboration with Mad Professor. Founded in 1996, Baba Zula is a Turkish alternative group that creates a psychedelic sound combining traditional Turkish instruments, electronica, reggae and dub. At the core of their sound is the saz, a Turkish bouzouki-like stringed instrument with a bright, high-pitched sound. Baba Zula became well known outside of Turkey when they appeared in the 2005 documentary Crossing the Bridge, and have since performed in many high profile world music festivals. They have released eight albums. Mad Professor is a Guyanese dub music producer and engineer known for original productions and remix work. He is a leading figure of dub's second generation and as such has been instrumental in bringing dub into the digital age. Kisaltmalar (Dub Mix) is from Baba Zula with Mad Professor's 2003 album Psychebelly Dance Music.

Just so you know...the music doesn't start until about 18 seconds into the video.