Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weep Not: The Kočani Orkestar and "La Llorona"

A new country we haven't represented before serves up our random tune for today. The Kočani Orkestar is a Macedonian Romani gypsy brass band who play a funked up version of Balkan brass band music directly descended from the music of Turkish army bands. This song, La Llorona (the video spells it wrong), refers to the weeping female who drowned herself in despair after a jilted love, and was turned away from the gates of heaven and not allowed to return until she finds her children. This legend is found in Latin myth throughout Hispanic America , and I can only assume that The Kočani Orkestar reference the legend from Romani/gypsy populations in Spain. La Llorona can be found on The Kočani Orkestar's 2008 CD The Ravished Bride.