Saturday, February 7, 2015

It Takes Two: Gotan Project and "La Gloria"

The random tune for today, Saturday February 7th, is from Gotan Project. La Gloria is from their album Tango 3.0 (2010). Gotan Project, formed in 1999, is based in Paris and their music uses tango as a base but also incorporates samples, beats and breaks. Their name is a play on a famous tango compilation album called Tango Project released in 1982. The band's songs have been used in American film and television, and the band itself appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2012. The band has released three studio albums, a couple of live albums, and has been included on many compilations. The official video for La Gloria has the song at 3 minutes 12 seconds, though the version I have on iTunes is about 30 seconds longer. The song features an extended vocal by Uruguayan, Argentina-based football announcer Victor Hugo Morales, who mentions all band members by name and finishes with a long GOOOOOTAAAAAAN!!! instead of his trademark GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!