Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Native Flute: Robert Mirabal and "Running (Reprise)"

Running (Reprise) (World) by Robert Mirabal on Grooveshark

Sorry folks...I thought I posted this yesterday but apparently shut down my computer before posting it. It's backdated for 12/16!, but you and I know the secret.

Today's global music random song is by Robert Mirabal, a New Mexican Native American musician. A flute player and maker from Taos Pueblo, he is a leading proponent of world music. He performs around the world with a mix of flute playing, tribal rock, dance and storytelling. He has been twice named Native American Artist of the Year, and was featured in a Grammy Award winning album, Sacred Ground: A Tribute to Mother Earth in 2006. This song, Running (Reprise) is featured on his Warrior-Magician CD from 1996.