Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jump in the Stream: Jane Monheit and "Waters of March"

We have an American jazz artist singing the English lyrics to a Brazilian jazz song by Antonio Carlos Jobim for our random tune today. Jane Monheit, from Long Island, graduated with honors from the Manhattan School of Music in 1999 and received the William H. Borden Award for outstanding accomplishment in jazz. She also was a finalist in the 1998 Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute's vocal competition. She has released nine albums, two DVDs, and has performed for movies and television. She spends most of her year on tour with her band. This song, Waters of March, is a classic Brazilian jazz song, a stream-of-consciousness song, really, that paints a collage of images that was inspired by water gushing down city streets in a March Brazilian downpour. Jobim wrote both Portuguese and English lyrics, and in the English attempted to avoid as much as possible words with Latin roots. The song was voted by Brazilian journalists, musicians and other artists as Brazil's all time best jazz song. You can find Jane Monheit's version on her 2001 album Come Dream with Me. Listen to the lyrics and music, and after shedding all strain, feel the joy in your heart.