Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not Los Angeles: Vin Garbutt and "City of Angels"

Today's random song is by English folk singer Vin Garbutt. Vin Garbutt's music tends to focus on protest songs about the Troubles in Northern Ireland (possibly his interest in this area comes from his mixed Irish/English parentage), unemployment and social issues. At age 21, after some trips to Ireland to discover his musical heritage, he became a a professional musician and recorded his first album in 1972. His live concerts can be interesting, with often more patter between songs than actual music. He has been twice nominated for BBC 2 Folk Awards, and has assembled a comprehensive songbook of his music. He has released 17 albums. This song, City of Angels, can be found on his 1999 CD Word of Mouth, and on the compilation album The Folk Awards issued by Topic Records. It highlights prostitution in Asia and specifically tells the story of a girl who prostitutes herself to feed her family.