Monday, January 4, 2016

Love Beyond Death: Niamh Parsons and Loose Connections with "The Briar and the Rose"

From Ireland comes today's random tune by Niamh Parsons and the Loose Connections. The Briar and the Rose is a metaphor for love and the death that can't keep two lovers apart. Niamh Parsons is a Belfast, Northern Ireland native and is a singer of contemporary and traditional Irish music, Parsons started her solo career in Belfast in 1990. She had previously been a member of the band Killera in the 1980s and joined Loose Connections, her husband's band, in 1990. She has also toured with the band Arcady and guitarist Graham Dunne. She was asked to sing for President Bill Clinton and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern in Washington DC, and has made several television appearances in Ireland. The Briar and the Rose can be found on the compilation album Celtic Wonder (2005) and on the compilation album Her Infinite Variety: Celtic Women In Music & Song Vol. 1 (2007)