Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Better in Spanish: The ValRays and "Yo Me Pregunto"

Sometimes things just sound better in another language. I often think that rap and hip hop sounds cool in French, and I have been pleasantly surprised when I hear Celtic songs in another language, like the Celtic songs in Italian performed by The Modena City Ramblers. There's also covers of famous songs by people in other countries - Bebel Gilberto covers Neil Young, Albert Pla covers Lou Reed, and the like. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when a song that seems like it is "American" just sounds good in another language.

In that vein, a little treat for you in the random tune department today. Yo Me Pregunto is a 1960s doo wop dittie by The ValRays. There isn't much about The ValRays on the internet, but I was able to glean that they were, surprisingly, a group of two white guys out of New York who released a string of records in the 1960s. Yo Me Pregunto (I Ask Myself) was originally written in English, but they liked the sound of the lyrics better in Spanish. Ironically, it became their biggest hit considering that all their other songs were in English. I think it was released as a single, so I couldn't find an album for it.