Friday, August 29, 2014

Short and Sweet: Sulman and "Maria"

The next few posts are going to be short and sweet, as Megan and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary this weekend and I may not have a lot of time to write until Tuesday. And, that's fitting because today's random song, Maria by Sulman, has occasioned one of those rare times that I cannot find any information about the artist. Sulman is apparently Spanish, as his song appears on the album Pure Spain: Tapas (2005). He made a music video of the song, but as much as I culled through the internet, I could not find any information on Sulman. Maybe he was a one-hit Spanish wonder. Maria is interesting - it has a definite R&B groove, some talk on it reminiscent of hip-hop or rap, and if listen very carefully you might hear a hint of flamenco or maybe the Moorish influence in Spain suggested by the artist's name.

If you have any information on the artist, please feel free to post!